Hi Dreams

When I am walking on the streets passing by buildings, shops, historical places the flow of thoughts are coming to my mind. They took their process in my mind and at the end I reach a final point and I am saying like “Why I did not think this before”. So, in times like that I always had the decision of keeping the records of this process in a diary. But in technology age it is not so easy to always carry your diary and pencil with you. So at the end I saw that by postponing the writing I was making it a habit even for the other things in my life and I was blaming myself to not carry my duities in the time. And I decided to open this blog.

The act of writing makes me feel better and I am better in expressing myself rather than by talking. When I start to write it has its own way, because I generally have a mindset about what to write but in the way the content deviates from its way and a totally different conclusion comes there. I am generally surprised with this but I am satisfied because I like the changes and my life is full of changes. When the things becomes usual I am very bored and I have the feeling of getting drowned and I need an urgent different situation.

Again the writing has lost its way. I was talking about the flow of thoughts but I cannot describe it as thinking. This flow is so natural and it has its place between reality and imagination and so many times by creating characters, writing the plots and staging the plays I see the world with my dreams and imaginations. I am mixing of reality and imagination with each other. In the first time I started to write about my dreams but even a sentence did not come to my mind. I hope that in the next times I’ll tell you about my dreams even sometimes it may seem ridiculous or insane.

Published by Zehra Amedi

I am one of the dreamers in the world. I always dream and do not know how to stop myself from dreaming always. And I am using this verse from the poet of Yahya Kemal as my excuse: "The human lives as long as he dreams.".

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