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Hello! Today I went outside around sunset hours. The sun rays were appearing in the morning while sometimes it was hidden behind the clouds. I was wondering how the weather will be during sunset hours. When I was going outside at that time the orange sun has been shone through the apartment’s windows.

I walked through the nearest park but the sunlight was not falling into the ground and there were very few trees, so I decided to walk more to the other park. In that park I saw the nice small trees and lighting conditions and took some photos there.

I enjoyed the sunlight while watching the children who were playing in the park and had some fresh air without the mask. Then I turn back home. Goodbye!


Published by Zehra Amedi

I am one of the dreamers in the world. I always dream and do not know how to stop myself from dreaming always. And I am using this verse from the poet of Yahya Kemal as my excuse: "The human lives as long as he dreams.".

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