Humble and kind

The life is a bit hard these days. I am trying to adapt my new life. I still don’t have any order, and in the dormitory the students in next room loves to backbite somebody including me. They have the backbiting freedom of course but always hearing their voices from the window makes it a bit unbearable. Even it is winter now we cannot close the windows beacuse the heater in the room makes it so hot. So, I hope to complete this year at least with sanity and after that have a proper house life.

The photograph is from a hobby garden of a man who has haberdashery (a word that I learned new and saw a bit interesting) and in front of it, he grows trees, roses, flowers, tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, and some other plants. He was a kind person, showed his garden to me and my nephew, and permitted us to take photos.

Published by Zehra Amedi

I am one of the dreamers in the world. I always dream and do not know how to stop myself from dreaming always. And I am using this verse from the poet of Yahya Kemal as my excuse: "The human lives as long as he dreams.".

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