a ferry ride

One of the best things to do in Istanbul is having a ferry ride in your free time. So I went to an exhibition with my friend, and we used the ferry to go there because it was both the easiest and most comfortable and certainly the most delightful way. This is a part ofContinue reading “a ferry ride”

Spring and Ramadan

The spring already came bringing many flowers, colours and revival. It’s the time of year that even if things don’t go right, you know there is joy everywhere you look.Flowers and buds in yellow, red, purple, pink, blue and other colours are around. Here are some photos of them. And then the Ramadan came. IContinue reading “Spring and Ramadan”


After three months of internship, study, and exam week, I have a break now. I am a bit tired, but I learned some new things. I learned that the first step is the hardest one and, even it is not easy, I need to be patient for a better result. The days and hours inContinue reading “Scattered”

After 2021

It is already 2022, so I wanted to remember the times I spent before. I see that it was a year with so many things. Of course, there were some difficulties but, when you look back you see only the memories and the things which make you worry before seem very meaningless. Life continues somehow.Continue reading “After 2021”

In arboretum

It is cold these days and there is storm outside, so in that kind of weather, it is nice to stay in the warm room. I went with my friend to Arboretum in November and have some autumn photographs from there. I am sharing some of them. Have a nice weekend!


I have been away from my blog this week. Besides my studies this week, I started an internship in a news website which makes me busy weekdays between 9 am and 5 pm. It is fine but because of two and a half commuting hours, it becomes a bit tiring. Every time when I haveContinue reading “Autumn”


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