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A short trip

Istanbul is very nice if you are taking a short trip on a weekend morning in which also you can see the sun with the light breeze. Wandering around the shores, photographing, and looking at the happy and chilling faces of the people can give you a warm and make you smile. The sea has…


The seagulls were on the opposite roof, which made me excited to take their photos when I saw them. These flowers were beautiful in spring, but I think now there is none of them. I like that photo too much maybe because it seems like there is roses on its root. I just once saw…

The gift

Last week my friend chose that sunflower as a gift for herself. But she wasn’t the only one who was happy, I was happy too. Because I was the one who take photos of it. This one was taken on a beautiful sunset day, And this one in a sunny day. Have a nice day!


One of the prettiest flowers to see in Istanbul in the spring are tulips. There are several different places you can see so many tulips in different colors. Emirgan Park, Gülhane Park, and Sultanahmet Square are among these places. I have been to Emirgan Park with my friend in the spring. It was tulip time,…

Museum garden

I visited an exhibition about Sultan Abdulmejid with my friend at Sakıp Sabancı Museum a while ago. The museum is a mansion building near the coast and it is beautiful to look at the landscape that you can watch the sea and across. The exhibition was informative and delightful which made us glad to visit.…


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