First of all maybe you wander the things that I will speak out, but I don’t have any subject in my mind. While I am writing the thoughts are coming together and I even cannot give them an order, I’m just writing randomly. I am at home always. I don’t know how many day passed which I stay at home. Why I am at home? Of course like the other people who does not want to be infected with coronavirus I stay at home. Now is the time of university and classes. But because of virus the schools are choosing to give us online education. However for me the online education does not make me feel like that I’m taking real education. Ok, you may ask me how do you know what is and how is the real education? I know that this question is so important to be covered but now this is not the time to delve into it.

Normally I don’t stay at my hometown with my family. I am studying in another city and I am staying at student dormitory. When I was in dorm I have made my schedule to study lessons and I was going down to study hall always, because in our dorm every room had six bed and there was no facility to study in the room except if you could study on your bed. So,my routine is for five years is just staying at dorm and study. Because of that when suddenly the virus breakout was in my country everybody went to their home, so do I. Now at home I feel like that I am in holiday and I never want to study. Actually I am reading more and more books in holidays than the school time but it does not feel like a holiday too. It becomes more and more boring.

Ok what I was talking about? My mind does not work now. So I’ll just finish here.

Published by Zehra Amedi

I am one of the dreamers in the world. I always dream and do not know how to stop myself from dreaming always. And I am using this verse from the poet of Yahya Kemal as my excuse: "The human lives as long as he dreams.".

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